41: There's Someone Inside Your House
So, what do you think of whenever you heard someone saying, "There's someone inside your house"? I would never know the answer as I can't read whatever you're thinking about right now. But maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that someone would be creep out with the term. If you're sitting alone in the dark or when you're home alone, of course, you would never want to hear the term. That's normal.

But on the other day, when I was browsing some books at Border, IOI Putrajaya, I saw this one particular pink book in which entitled, yes, There's Someone Inside Your House. Now, here comes the next part. The first feeling that came to my heart was not scared... but I immediately felt safe and happy. Why? Because for me, the word house is what I use for heart too. For me, a heart is a home. Someone's heart could be your home, y'know?

Therefore, when I saw the title of the book, I was thrilled. I thought, "Hey, that's a good thing. There's someone inside your house. There's someone guarding there, there's someone that you think about. It's good, it's good." But then, I came to my senses and read the synopsis of the book, and realized that it was a rather creepy book about kidnapper. I laughed at my own thoughts. Truly, human mind is such a weird and surprising place. Oh God, I have so much to talk about right now. Ideas are flooding.

Now, remembering this one occasion, I just realized something.
My definition of "There's someone inside your house" is not the same as your "There's someone inside your house". Y' know? Everyone thinks differently.

Relating to that, I realize this too; What scares you might not scare me and what scares me might not scare you. Everyone is, really, really different. Just how many of us would sit down and really think about that particular sentence? We've been hearing that since younger till now, but I'm sure that not many absorbs the definition. Anyway, what did I mean by that sentence? That, what scares you might not scare me thingy? Oh, this, I'm talking about a specifically dark side of me that, I'm sure, no one knows about.

No one, and I mean, no one knows about this, that's why it is a big risk to talk about it here. Thus, I'm not going to talk about it here. Or maybe I could talk, like 1% of it? Hahaha. Just a little hint. 

Take a look at my 34th's post.

I am
by the words
such as
Lock me up.

Oh, honey, don't deny your dark sides.
They're wonderful.

Oops, way too much hints. Oh well, it's just a blog.

XO, Farihah.

40: Result Semester 3 & Degree Courses
Aight. As you may or may not know, I just finished my foundation in Information Technology at LKWU. Aaaand the results were already released this morning. Logging in into our university portal, I finally got to know my results. So far, alhamdulillah! Hehehe. I got 4.0 flat for Semester 3 and for my overall CGPA. Serious do, alhamdulillah.

I totally thought that I would go down maybe around 3.8 or 3.9 je do because aku rasa Semester 3 ni aku macam banyak lalai and tak fokus. Tup tup alhamdulillah, still ada rezeki untuk aku. Tolak effort aside, all these are not impossible without His permission. Hehe. Disebabkan blog ni bukannya ada ramai audiences pun hm, so aku rasa post gambar result aku kat sini tak dikira boasting or bragging kot hehehe. So, here are my results;

Pepandai korang la pahamkan gambar atas ni haha. Foundation experience was... okay I guess. I learnt a lot and met new, various kind of people. Honestly, memang neutral teruk do foundation. Kekadang ada jugak rasa bosan tu hm tapi so far okay ah. Aku rasa, antara semua semesters yang aku dah lalui, aku memang setia bencikan Data Communication. IDK man, aku ingatkan aku minat networking au, sekali Data Communication makes me realize that, NO, I DON'T LOVE NETWORKING. 

Which leads me to talk about my future degree course. Y'know, esok aku dah kena start register for Degree tau dekat LKWU, but until this exact moment, aku still taktahu for sure aku nak apa sebenarnya. Sure, aku tengah considering IT, Software Engineering, and ICT. Benda-benda yang business-related such as E-Commerce, Business in IT, and IT & Technopreneurship memang aku dah reject awal-awal sebab aku takleh handle business lol.

Let's compare all the subjects here, shall we?
(Note: The subjects that I bold below are the ones that I put under category "Cons")


Hm, to be honest, I think I can handle IT. Cuma aku rasa lemah sikit ah bila nampak Computer Architecture in Year 2, sebab beb, aku tak rasa aku leh pakar kot part tu. Computer Architecture, pada aku, memang complicated sikit. Ada belajar basic dia in foundation and fuh tu baru basic bhai. Aku bedal je time tu, nasib baik passed jugak.

Apparently, IT ada several subjects that focus on Business too like Business Communication Skill and E-Commerce Theories & Practices. Damn. I can see that this course could be challenging... but I'm still considering it. Alright, moving on!


So, Software Engineering or SE. I know that my mum would prefer me to choose this, but... let's see the subjects first. Honestly en aku rasa aku boleh cope with SE except Digital Modelling & Animation and Character Animation. Aku taktau asal tapi aku memang takde bakat melukis digital. And I'm pretty sure all the equipment needed in this course are pretty expensive? Maybe???? Not sure. 


Let's see ICT. Aite so, ICT is all about networking. I personally think networking is a bit difficult because it's about studying something that I can't see in front of my eyes, y'know. Networking is all these invisible ropes in the air that somehow can send our messages to each other. LOL. 

Urgh... so many subjects that I hate in ICT. I don't think I should have considered this at all.

So now, we have IT and SE.
What shall I pick between these two?
Because if we wanna talk about job opportunities and stuff, both of these are pretty okay.

XO, Farihah.

39: Alex Turner
Hallo guys. So, here am I, lifelessly typing on my laptop to tell non-existent audiences that I am officially making ALEX TURNER as my new artist crush. Haha boiii.

Alex Turner (this year 32) is the vocalist of Arctic Monkeys. He is also a guitarist and songwriter. Ufh the lyrics are just so poetic. I'm weak for beautiful written words. Damn. So, at first, my friend, F, introduced Arctic Monkeys to me few months ago. I admit, at first, I was only interested with their songs and music. Their songs are damn good. 

The first few songs of them that I knew were R U Mine?, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High, and Do I Wanna Know. Then I discovered more and more of them. I wasn't interested in Alex.

Then, just now, when I was randomly browsing on Youtube (as usual, as usual, the life of a lifeless Farihah), I watched Arctic Monkeys singing Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High live. Oh damn. That moment I realized that Alex Turner has such a timeless voice and a very, very unique vibe. His movements and pronunciation are just so smooth and alluring. Damn. I like him a lot.

So, there you go. Introducing my latest crush; Alex Turner! Hahahaha. Okay bye.

XO, Farihah.

38: Fragile
The way they put
'Fragile' on a box
I wonder
Oh, I wonder
Would it work on me too
But because of the way they put it
I don't think
Oh, I don't think
It would work on me too.

XO, Farihah.

37: Let The Music Speak For Me - Baby I'm Yours

Image result for back of a girl

I thought I had it all together But I was led astray The day you walked away You were the clock That was ticking in my heart Changed my state of mind But love’s so hard to find Your feelings change like the weather Went from clear to grey On that cloudy day How can I go on With that bomb in the palm Love’s so hard to find When someone’s on your mind Listen baby Your wish is my command Baby won’t you understand That your wish is my command What can I do to make My baby understand Something tells me that I'm dreamin' I can see us there Waving unaware Of problems that have a tendency to keep Keep the truth confined Far from our minds You need someone you can believe in This I do declare Trust me I'll be there The road that leads to heaven can be so steep I will help you climb Change your state of mind Listen baby Your wish is my command Baby won't you understand That your wish is my command What can I do to make my baby understand Your wish is my command Baby won't you understand That your wish is my command I can see us there Waving unaware This I do declare Trust me I'll be there I can see us there Waving unaware This I do declare Trust me I'll be there I can see us there Waving unaware This I do declare Trust me I'll be there Listen baby Your wish is my command Baby won't you understand That your wish is my command What can I do to make my baby understand Follow me into, into my sleep Baby I'm yours, I'm yours to keep You've got the magic that entered my heart and my mind Your wish is my command Baby won't you understand Your wish is my command Baby won't you understand Your wish is my command Baby won't you understand Your wish is my command Baby won't you understand

XO, Farihah.

36: Best Tailor in Town
Best Tailor in Town

You are a tailor
Keep sewing and sewing luxurious clothes
That cover my eyes and ears perfectly
I am your regular customer
Always stopping by
Choosing the best ones to buy
And wear the clothes blissfully
As your pieces could provide
Temporary warmth and comfort
Truly, I am blinded by the coziness
My eyes are shut and my ears become deaf
To witness that
You never actually sew a single piece of clothing
Only thread of lies

XO, Farihah.

35: "Love You"
Ever since I was little, the one who has always been saying "Love you" to me is my dad. Like, every time we gonna say goodbye during high school or up until now whenever we call, my dad would be the one who says "Love you", and of course, I'd reply with a "Love you too". This is because my dad is really expressive about his feelings especially towards his own family.

Meanwhile my mum is the one who says stuff like
"Hah? Dah makan ke belum? Kenapa tak makan?"
"Keluar dengan sape tu?????"
"Lah kenapa tak cakap awal awal, kan mama dah-----" (a series of lectures hm)
"Dah minum air? Makanlah sayur tuuuuuuu."

Even we wanna say goodbye or hang up on phone, mum would be like, "Ha, bye. Assalamualaikum."

But the other day..... I made a small talk with mum on phone and then we said goodbyes. I heard this;
"Ha, bye. Assalamualaikum....................................loveyou." *hangs up*

I was stunned. Legit. The "loveyou" part was a whisper, like, if I didn't pay any attention, I'd miss it big time. And then, when I sent Whatsapp messages to my mum, she now would end our conversations with the "love you" too. Which eventually makes... me... feel....

Sad? And panicky?

Sad and panicky. Definitely.

XO, Farihah.

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