34: p o s s e s s i v e
Oh, honey
I am as possessive as I love being dominated.

XO, Farihah.

33: 2018
Happy New Year.
Praying for blessings and a better me in the future.

XO, Farihah.

32: Vow
I vow ;

- never to betray any of my family or friends that had been with me through thick and thin. who had been with me when i was in the deepest shits, darkest nights.

- to always remember this feeling of gratefulness upon realization that someone actually cares; that someone would actually cry over your lost.

- to help, to never abandon of those who never abandoned me.

- to ignore of those who ignored me, those who don't really worth my time as i was only an option.

end .

31: Fire

There's a fire inside of me
Divergent from the others I've had before
It is as vicious as poisonous cobras
It is as fierce as angry lions
It is as strong as threatening bears
Wild and fatal
The power it holds is dangerous
For it creates an empty, wide, vivid hole
Through my heart
It burns and keeps on burning ruthlessly
Until it doesn't
Until it shuts me down completely
Leaving me to feel numb with scarred chest
And that is the fire of jealousy.

XO, Farihah.

30: Be Sad

Society has always said
"Don't be sad"
"Stop crying"
"Why are you so down"
When they really should have whispered
There, there
Keep on crying
Put on a frown
Jot down words furiously
Tear pieces of papers
Lock yourself in a room
For moment, just for a moment
You're allowed to be sad
Because, truly
The secret of being happy is
To let go of the pain first.

XO, Farihah.

29: Lay Down
All I want to do now is
Laying down
On a bed of roses with thorns
That is trapped in a box
Of broken mirrors
Whilst still catching
A bit ray of sunlight
During the dawn
Do watch me smiling when bleeding severely
As beneath all of these pain
The deep, scattered love for you is
Still much
More palpable

XO, Farihah.

28: Pieces

For every songs that you gave to me
For every lyrics that you wrote
For every words that you shared
For every stupid thoughts that you told me
For every little comments that you whispered
For every glimpse that you stole
For every smile that you threw
I would
Treasure every each of them, every single of them
Because they all are pieces of you
That I'd never get from anywhere part of the world
These are the things that I hold onto
When you are not here, right beside me
I know I have no rights to speak
I know I have no rights to adore
But, truthfully, you are the one to blame
As you never really leave my mind.

XO, Farihah.

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